Your Home, The Yelp Review

Now that listeners have been holed up in their homes for months, let’s treat that like their home is a hotel and ask family members to give a Yelp review of the stay.  Come up with a few categories and open the phones (start with your home).

The Radio Free Sample

With businesses starting to re-open, do a feature a few times a week called The Radio Free Sample.  Let people who own businesses come on and tell everyone all about their local business – what they do, where they are, and when they’re open.  Give each person a free fifteen seconds and be an advocate for local companies while proving the power of radio.

Quarantine Court

With most everyone still holed up inside with their families, problems will bubble up.  Choose the sillier ones and do a feature called Quarantine Court where the two parties plead their case to you for advice, then open it up to the jury (12 callers) with a vote on who’s right.  Grab some production from Judge Judge online to spice things up and you have a relevant relationships-based feature until everyone can get back into their offices.  Thanks to Hawkeye and Katelyn, KSCS, Dallas for this idea and frame.

The Home Hair Cut: FaceTime Edition

Still need that haircut?  Get your stylist on FaceTime on one computer right in front of you and give your spouse the shears.  The stylist walks your spouse through how to do that as you sip cocktails and carry on a conversation throughout.  Let the audience see all of it.  A fun video for Facebook with audio on the show to support it.

Movies on The Corona Scale

I wouldn’t normally endorse doing movie reviews on any show, but with everyone watching them to pass the time while we wait out the virus, let’s make an exception.  This could be done as a Friday or Monday feature (or both) – call, tell us the movie you watched, rate it on the 0-5 Corona scale, then a couple of sentences why.

A Hair Cut on the DL

Dear Morning Show:  my hairdresser called to tell me he’s pulling the shades at the shop and quietly cutting the hair of two people every day.  He asks if I’d like to come Friday at 10am to get my hair cut.  I’d have to pay in cash and could not tell anyone who did it.  Should I do it?  Ah, the moral dilemma – propose this then watch the phones go crazy.

The Last Resort for a Haircut

We gave you the idea of couples cutting each other’s hair with no salons being open during the pandemic.  Now, a twist.  What if someone on the show got their hair cut by someone who only grooms dogs?  It’s a funny thesis.  Go find one, introduce them to the audience, then see what you get.

He Did Her Hair Do

With salons closed, a topic of conversation in many homes is who will cut your hair.  Either within your team, with listeners, or both, find couples who are concerned about this and get him to do her hair.  There are lots of YouTubes on this so go grab some audio and find a stylist or two to come on to give tips.  Then have each recorded (video for social media, audio for your show).

The Take Out Shout Out

The reason many shelves are empty at grocery stores is because restaurants are closed and everyone must cook at home.  To stay afloat, as you know, restaurants are doing take out (or delivery) only.  Many of these are small mom-and-pops trying to continue serving their customers.  Every day, do the Take Out Shout Out where listeners call and tell other listeners what restaurants are doing take out, and local restaurants can call in and get a free plug.

What Are Your “Co-Workers” Up To?

With lots of people working out of their house, if they are trapped there with kids, ask them to call and tell you what their kids are up to during their workday, but make them refer to the kids as their “co-workers”.